We are currently deploying the backups. MGZ is back before next month starts!

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What happened to mcgamerzone >

What happened to mcgamerzone?

MGZ is currently down. (But we will be back very soon.)

The new owners of MGZ (Gunfire and voodootje0) got scammed by the ex-owner (xiTzMickx)

They were trying to direct everything from MGZ to their new server. Fortunately, we were smarter and the damage was not that high. They griefed MGZ and are telling everyone that MGZ is dead and their new server is the deputy, but that not going to happen. We will work hard and make MGZ greater.

This weekend the backup will be placed and after we will start updating MGZ with awesome updates.

Our focus is to listen to the community and make their suggestions come true.

Small FAQ

Please read everything above the FAQ.

MGZ will be probably be back within 24 hours. (This weekend) We're currently deploying the backups we made.

You can expect great updates and lots of new things. We're currently the owners of JartexNetwork (play.jartexnetwork.com), one of the largest cracked servers and we hope we can make MGZ also big with our experiences.

Of course! Everyone will keep their donator rank.

The same as the servers, we're currently deploying the backups, so it will be back very soon.

Yes of course! We will use public plugins.

The promise was that Mick will stay owner for 2 weeks. Because Mick didn't go away after the 2 weeks we did remove his owner rank ourselves. He fully disagreed with that and wanted to stay 1.5 weeks more since he only helped us 0.5 weeks and not more. Of course we didn't accepted that and told that to him. I (voodootje0) asked for the promises we "did break" and this was the answer. promises(Dutch)

A few hours later they were spamming the discord of MGZ with their new server discord and gave everyone on MGZ helper rank.